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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

White ibis head picture , orange beak bird fridge magnet from

Taken in sunny Florida this photograph of a white ibis is a great design for any bird or wild bird fans!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Two acoustic guitars being played doubled magnets from

Two acoustic guitars being played doubled
neat musician design!
An acoustic guitar is played by two hands in this original painting, doubled and offset. Red version, available in other color options also! Great for any event that features or likes acoustic guitar player, music, or musicians!

Bald Eagle Drawing Doggie Tshirt from

If you and your dog love bald eagles, this bald eagle drawing shirt is for you! Pencil drawing depicting multiple bird views. Great for any canine shirt need!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Black Hole Sun Behind Shadow Man Cards from

Black Hole Sun Behind Shadow Man
An original spray paint painting
A seated figure is seen in shadow against a black hole sun (black and white center, yellow rays) and a red sky. An original spray paint painting done with masking tape, paint, wood cutout, and a few minutes.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lefty and Proud of it Penguin

Awwwwww isn’t he cute?

National Left Handers Day is coming up! August 13th. Cool huh?

Being left handed has honestly never really posed a problem for me. My handwriting is a little scraggly but who knows-it may have been that way if I had been a righty. I learned most things right handed because, well, that’s the way I was shown how to do it. After learning it righty (like throwing a ball), I would also go back and try it left handed. Usually what happens is I have more strength right handed but better accuracy left handed.

Occasionally something will come up that I apparently do reversed (like how to flip spirals when cutting them for binding), but to me it’s normal :) . Everyone else is reversed! You’re all doing it wrong! Ha! ……. ok just kidding :) . (kind of).

They say that left handed people are more artistic, and that I have found to be true. I have yet to meet a lefty that doesn’t do some form of art, and many of the great art people I know are left handed. Brushes work in either hand so at least we don’t have to buy special art supplies. I have found left handed calligraphy to be rather tricky, I end up just doing it the same way as a right handed person and just turn the paper at a different angle.

One thing that does get annoying is when I’m writing something and someone in a store (or wherever) exclaims loudly, “You’re a lefty!”. Usually it’s said in a tone of voice like, “You’ve got four heads!” “Your hair is turning green!”, that sort of thing. Personally I never notice what hand someone is unless I’m looking (like when I’m watching the spraypaint guys and trying to figure out how they do things…..then I noticed who is lefty). I guess since the difference was never made a big deal of it’s just not important to me.

Now, being right vs left eyed…….that’s a different story. I found out exactly what that meant when I was up north one Thanksgiving during college with a friend of mine. Her boyfriends family did the country Thanksgiving, hayrides, picnic tables, loose turkeys running around (we didn’t eat those), the whole nine yards. There was even a shooting area set up and they conned me into going for it. I consistantly missed the target the same amount, the same place! One of the guys looked at me and went waiiiiiiiiitttttt are you left handed or right handed? I said lefty…. he said, well, you’re probably left eyed also…….swap shoulders. I switched the rifle over to the other side. Viola! I hit the target every time after that! Ok so they weren’t all bullseyes, but close enough for any problems that piece of paper may have caused :) . Lesson learned: to hit the target, use your dominant eye!

Ok, the dog wants out and the cat is getting into something he shouldn’t so my left hand (and the rest of me) are going to sign off for now. If you are or know a left handed person, stock up on stickers and wear em proudly on August 13th!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crown Men Three Meet Orange and Yellow Coffee Mug from

Three crowned cartoon men, done in orange and yellow, give a touch of whimsy to whatever style mug you chose to have them on. Also available in other color combinations, these guys are there every morning to say hello!