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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bright Abstract Playing Musicians Mugs from

Brightly colored abstract musician outlines on a dark background make this mug a favorite among musicians. Featuring bass and guitar players, great gift for the string people!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vintage drawing of a ribcage coffee mug from

A vintage ribcage anatomy skeletal drawing on a coffee mug is a great way to remind yourself (or anyone else!) that it's time for a meal! Also great for medical professionals.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Camel CreatureRed Yellow Blue Coffee Mug from

A bright colourful camel creature is the perfect cheerful design for any style of mug. Use him as a splash of color on your coffee mug, or put him on a travel mug and take him with! You can even add text to the mug and name him! (or her, whichever you like!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vintage Travel Poster of Bournemouth Belle Train Coffee Mugs from

Vintage "old fashioned" travel poster graphic of the Bournemouth Belle steam locomotive railroad train. Fine print says "Southern Railway". Great for railroad lovers, vintage travel poster fans, vintage graphic artists, you name it! Choose your own mug style and color too!

Abstract Bass Guitars in Primary Colors Mugs from

A colourful painting of the three bass guitar outlines done in red, yellow, and blue is a great design for a mug for a musician or any art lover who likes primary colors! Bass guitar doesn't always get the recognition it is due, so celebrate it with this painting! Make the morning coffee a bit brighter.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old fashioned travel poster coffee mug from

"Old fashioned" vintage travel themed graphic poster. Print says "Your continental holiday" "For particulars of services by all routes, apply at principal stations offices or agencies of the GW: LNE: LMS or Southern Railways". Flat cartoon style graphic of a rail station scene in yellow, blue and black. Great for the traveler!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pen and Ink sketch of relaxing animals Mug from

A pen sketch of several small animals (a dog, cat, mouse are easily identifiable) grouped together gives the drinker something to stare at while finishing the beverage of your choice!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fourth Bridge, London Mugs from

Old fashioned vintage blue and purple themed travel poster from a rail line, advertising the Forth Bridge. Great for any travelers or anyone who loves vintage posters!

Interesting project involving Portulacaria afra

Neat idea....... Portulacaria does grow quickly where there is water, and I can tell you from personal experience livestock love them *eyes chewed bonsai*! I wonder how it's doing..........

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Horses, fantasy colored on purple background mug from

other in a field of flowers. In this version the background is purple, available in other colors too. The horses themselves are green, blue, and purple, with a small yellow bird landing on one of their backs. Add your own text for a custom fantasy horse product!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Frontal view drawing of a human skull coffee mug from

Fun little vintage sketch of a human skull head on in black and white adoring this mug makes it a great mug for anyone involved in medicine or who just likes anatomy and the human skull!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Golden wood grain with inlay background mugs from

A detail of an acoustic guitar with golden wood and inlay on a muug makes a great background for your own custom text or pictures. You can also increase the size of the covered area by clicking customize and clicking the + button !

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monarch butterfly on a green and yellow plant coffee mugs from

Beautiful orange and black butterfly set off nicely by the green plant and yellow flower it rests on. Posterized graphic for a neat abstract effect. Great for any butterfly fan, or when you need a nice calm design for that favorite custom coffee mug!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Benadryl + Cat = sleep for both of us.

I swear the cat is allergic to the dog.... He's had coughing episodes since a kitten. Vet told me it was hairballs-vet is definetly wrong! Big difference between coughing from stomach and from lungs. Not to mention he's only given me a hairball present like 3 times in his life! And no amount of hairball goop helps. And when my cat does present a hairball, he makes the weirdest yowling sound that sounds like he's talking right beforehand! That's a good thing as it allows me to immediatly get him to a tiled spot versus a carpeted spot!

He sounded to me like a human with asthma/allergies. After seeing a video of a cat that was diagnosed with asthma, I realized my hairball suspicion was right-it's a different type of coughing than what my presents.

About four days ago he was keeping ME up, right after the pine pollen was really bad outside. A previous vet had told me to give the goats/dog Benadryl for allergies, start with a half dose by weight first and then move up to a full dose by weight if needed. So I decided to try it out on the cat after a quick call to another vet who ok'd it and gave me the same half dose advice.

Operation Cat Getting Pill.
It was not pretty. He's pretty laid back, but no animal likes having a pill poked down their throat. I broke a 25 mg tablet into 1/4's (he weighs about 11 lbs, so that was actually a quarter dose) , put him siting up in my lap, opened maw, tossed pill in, held mouth closed and stroked his throat for about 5 minutes. He let me do that......but as soon as he was free he spit it up! The brat! In went the other 1/4, and immediatly after a piece of to get the tuna he had to swallow the pill. Eventually it went down......but he wouldn't talk to me for a long time. He did sleep through the night! Yippee!

Or so I thought. Fastforward a few days and no sleep for either of us AGAIN last night. However, I had been thinking about the pill problem and remembered I had some of the Childrens' Fastmelt type of benadryl from when I was taking it and had a sore throat so I couldn't swallow.... I got one of those out, broke it into 1/4's.......

Grab the kitty......

Ignore the big eyes and plastered down ears.....

Open maw, toss in pill, close mouth, scratch ears for a few minutes.

Let him go......and watch as he tried to figure out where the thing I had put in his mouth went!! Success! Within an hour, not a cough out of him!

As I write......he's sound asleep on the bed. I plan on getting a full nights' sleep now!

So it looks like kitty will be getting Benadryl a couple time a week until the pollen stops. Heck, I think it works better on him than on me!

And now, we're all off to bed. Thanks for reading!

Frontal vintage drawing of a waving skeleton mug from

A touch of anatomy humour is a great way to start the day! Drawing of a grinning waving human skeleton standing up, sure to make you at least chuckle (laugh if you've finished the coffee!). Available on other mug types like travel mugs, color changing mugs, and more. Add your own funny text too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A tiny tiny frog came to visit my bonsai

A reallllllly small tree frog was visiting one of my bonsai plants one day. I almost cut him in half (sorry!) because I didn't see him on the branch I was cutting at first. When the leaf got up and moved, I realized I needed to take a closer look (or drink less soda.....)... and I found a baby tree frog! To give you an idea of scale, the picture below is bigger than life sized by about 25%...... Luckily I had the camera and took some pictures of him! That plant got a reprieve from being trimmed until the frog decided to go somewhere else.

You can click to see him on more products too :).

Interesting succulent plant, use as is or...... coffee mug from

Cactus succulent fan? Show it off with this mug and a picture of a pretty fleshy succulent plant! add your own text and make it a custom succulent mug! You can change the mug style to a travel mug, frosted mug, coffee mug, and many more.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Famous DaVinci Man in Circle Drawing, colored! Coffee Mug from

Another unique take on the vintage DaVinci sketch of a proportion man in a circle. Purples and blacks with small accent colors give this a unique look! Great for any art fan or medical type person. DaVinci drawing available on your choice of mugs, and add custom text for a custom coffee mug!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tiki Hut Palm Fronds Pattern Background design Coffee Mugs from

Capture a taste of the tropical scene with a design of the palm frond roof of a Florida based Tiki Bar. Leave as is or add your own text and photographs for a custom mug!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Walk on the Beach Sand Design Mugs from

Take a walk on the beach and remember it with this close up photograph of dozens of footprints in Florida beach sand. Use as a background for your own custom text, your own custom photograph product, or just leave as is :).

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pink rose left corner black background design mugs from

A simple design of a pink rose photograph on a black background. Plenty of room to make a custom product by clicking customize and adding your own text or photographs!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Portulacaria afra great monograph!

My all time favorite plant is the Portulacaria afra. It all started about 5? years ago when friend gave me a P. afra (sometimes called Ports by people who get tired of spitting the long name out....) bonsai to see if I indeed had a black thumb. Fastforward and I now have too many to count (last count was 300 and it's almost cutting time again....). 90% of them are prebonsai...i.e. "nothing to look at here" to a bonsai person. 9.99% are getting there, and .01% I would call bonsai at this point...

I've learned a lot through growing (and killing.....) Portulacaria afra and I've shared this knowledge with a gentleman who wrote the best webpage on Ports that I've ever seen, and he's incorporated some of what I've shared with him. I'm kinda proud to see my knowledge added to a webpage that was/is a fascinating read...... he updates it even still every time he gets more information!

You can see it here: It's worth a visit! The gentleman is named Robert Baran, seems to be a really cool person.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SomethingBuggingYou Coffee Mug from

SomethingBuggingYou Coffee Mug from

Foggy observations.......

I noticed something odd as I was driving this morning. There were a few patches of fog in the few unbuilt lots along the road.....until I drove past the huge concrete pylons that carry power out west. All around them was really thick fog! But 20 feet away, the fog dissapated.... almost like the power lines were keeping the ground underneath really warm. Kind of a scary thought-and you never see cows hanging out underneath the pylons either! Note to self: Don't like near one of those.............

Black stallion horse rearing, flame grass mug from

A design featuring a large black stallion horse standing on his hind legs jumping towards a blue bird flying away. What looks like grass at first glance is actually blue green flames! The sky is red orange and yellow with lightning bolts. Unique graphic for any horse or fantasy fan!

Another heart design use

Pins! Buttons! Flair! Whatever you call it.......they're everywhere! Here's a Valentine's themed one :)