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Monday, August 9, 2010

Having a cat can open doors.....literally!

I'm a cat owner...although sometimes I think he owns me. Or at least he thinks he does!
A long time ago he learned that if I did not shut the door all the way, he could hook his paw underneath and pull it open. This has now lead to him thinking he owns EVERY door, to be opened at his whim, regardless of whether or not the door is actually shut all the way.
He now also thinks that if he can not open the door, if he stands and meows pitifully and loudly I will come open the door for him.

I do have to admit, sometimes it'll work and I will open the door for him-I figure he needs to go use his litterbox. Several months of this and now I have my hands full untraining him! You see, when he paws the door it rattles loudly in the frame. At 3am, this is not desireable and leads to all sorts of objects becoming airbourne projectiles. Then, a few hours later when I get up, I forget what I tossed at the cat door and end up tripping over it!

So, you see, now I never have to worry about doors being closed to me. I just have to worry about doors being closed to my cat! That and things I've thrown at 3am that might trip me up at 6.....

That's my cat in the sketch below :)

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