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Monday, January 17, 2011

In memory of Amelia.....the best Saanen goat ever. How I ended up with her.......

Amelia was my white Saanen goat who chose me at a show. I handled her in the ring for her owners and she instantly became my friend! As I was staring longily at her in her pen.......and she at me.......her owners said, ya know, we're selling most of the babies... I didn't have enough money on me, since I didn't plan on buying anything. I pleaded poorhouse.....they asked how much I had, and I told them. They said well, how about you give us that, and then send us the rest as  you can. What?!?!? You trust me to not just run off with your baby goat for 1/3rd the price?!?! I guess it was pretty obvious I was an honest well as obvious the baby liked next thing my other goats know, there's this bright white baby in the pen with them. I promptly named her Amelia......and she became my favorite (and only) Saanen goat.She was a bit shy, but very calm. I miss her!


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