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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Portulacaria afra great monograph!

My all time favorite plant is the Portulacaria afra. It all started about 5? years ago when friend gave me a P. afra (sometimes called Ports by people who get tired of spitting the long name out....) bonsai to see if I indeed had a black thumb. Fastforward and I now have too many to count (last count was 300 and it's almost cutting time again....). 90% of them are prebonsai...i.e. "nothing to look at here" to a bonsai person. 9.99% are getting there, and .01% I would call bonsai at this point...

I've learned a lot through growing (and killing.....) Portulacaria afra and I've shared this knowledge with a gentleman who wrote the best webpage on Ports that I've ever seen, and he's incorporated some of what I've shared with him. I'm kinda proud to see my knowledge added to a webpage that was/is a fascinating read...... he updates it even still every time he gets more information!

You can see it here: It's worth a visit! The gentleman is named Robert Baran, seems to be a really cool person.

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