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Friday, December 2, 2011

Coming feel to the blog!

Starting next month, I'm revamping the way this blog works. Due to popular request, we're going to do theme weeks.

First week of the month will be posts relating to Photography and Art, with photography being featured on products, photo taking methods behind the madness, art products, discussions on the actual creation of the paintings and other works, favorite art and photography articles I come across, you name it!

Second week of the month will be all about bonsai. From basic plant propigating, to bonsai pots and discussions about bonsai pottery, to bonsai trees that resonate, to bonsai gifts and designs for bonsai fans, it'll be all relating to bonsai!

Third week will be music. Since I play bass and percussion, it'll be leaning that way a bit I'm afraid :). I'll post videos I like, discussions about songs, funny music things I find, links to music related art and photography, and anything else that springs to mind!

The fourth week will be animals. Animal photography (yep, there's overlap on this blog! ), animal care, animal stories, funny things a pet did, animal articles, animals everywhere!

If there's a fifth week, well, those we get to play by ear and have a mashup!

If there's anything you'd like to see featured, give me a shout at Include a link to your website/promo site and if I use the idea I will give you a shout out!

Have a happy holiday season, whatever you celebrate!~

Susan and crew

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