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Saturday, April 20, 2013

MAKE | DIY light box- Found this on the web

This is great! Looking for a quick and easy light box? Go to

And get going :). Quick recap below :

MAKE | DIY light box: What you need:

1 big plastic storage container

2 clip lamps

1 white poster board or fabric for lining inside of container

fabric interfacing (enough to cover outside of container, approx 1 1/4 yard)

Lay the plastic bin on a table or flat surface. Insert the poster board (or fabric) in the bin to be your backdrop. Lay the interfacing around the bin and clip the 2 lamps on either side of the bin. You really can get by with using just 2 clip lamps. I like them shining in from both sides. (The lamps I use have 60 watt bulbs.) Also, try moving them around in terms of direction as well as placement. For some items shining the light down from the top looks best. If you think you need more light, another lamp can be used.

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