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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's cold in Florida! A few tips for the heatless ones.......

It's really cold for south Florida....personally, I'm freezing!

There's no heat in the house I'm at, so I've devised a few ways to stay warm and thought I'd share.

1. Layer. Clothes, clothes, more clothes. Put on the sneakers, the bunny slippers, whatever you have to keep your feet warm. Polyester is cold, wear your cotton or acrylic things. Of course, there's only a few layers you can add before you just can't move, at which point your only recourse is to crawl into bed.

2. Turn things on. If you don't mind a slightly higher electric bill, turn on the TV, the computers, the printers, etc- they all produce a little bit of heat that does add up. Two computers in a small room make a huge difference.

3. Confine yourself to one room. Your body heat alone, if you stay in one closed in room, will raise the temperature a little bit. Grab the dog/cat/anything furry and keep them with you, they put out heat too!

4. Light candles......SAFELY. I found that 20 tealight candles in a 12x12 room heat it up noticeably by the time they burn down. And they're cheap if you buy them by the bag. I put mine on a couple of plates on top of a bookcase far away from anything flammable or the cat.

5. Sleep on the top bunk. Okay, this will only work if you have a bunk bed but heat rises-bad in the summer, great in the winter!

Don't forget to cover the plants, or bring them in.....and keep an eye on the animals. They get cold too! Anything goat to dog sized can usually be persuaded to keep an old tshirt on when it's cold. Set out a blanket for the cat to burrow in. Put heaters in the fish tanks, a light over the snakes....keep em warm!

Hopefully you're just reading this post for amusement and not because you to don't have any heat :). Stay warm!

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