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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finding a vet for Rudy the cat...........part 1

Well, the benadryl stopped having an effect on my cat's hacking up his lungs. He had a particularly bad couple of nights where neither one of us got much sleep. Out of sheer desperation at 3am I took my Albuterol inhaler from when I had bronchitis and puffed it past his nose...... the hacking stopped within 30 seconds and we both got sleep!

That did it. Kitty needed a vet. From my research and based on the albuterol working, I figured he has asthma that would need a treatment.

So, nice and early Saturday morning, I start making phone calls. I had consulted with a vet online who told me that a simple chest xray plus the symptoms I described could confirm asthma, no bloodwork needed. And if that was the case, a simple shot may stop the asthma and only need to be done a couple times a year.

Armed with info, I started calling local vets. What I told them was I had a suspected asthmatic cat who would be a new patient, but the only labwork I wanted was a chest xray for now....will they take us? Here's the results of that query:

Vet A (no names here LOL)is obviously really busy. The girl on the phone must have said that three times. I tried asking office visit prices and got told she didn't know those. Really?! I then asked about bringing him in for an xray during the week, she put me on hold to go ask a tech if they'd take a new patient in just for an xray...... 10 minutes later without even a "I'm still waiting" I hung up.

Vet B also wouldn't give me office visit prices, and the girl said no way are they taking in a new patient without a full blood panel and fecal panel. Prices? Depends on what the vet says. Thank

Vet C was nice and did give me office visit price, but when I asked if the vet would see the kitty without demanding full bloodpanel etc......she put me on hold for a minute and asked someone.....answer was sorry but no. Ok, at least they were nice. Click.

To be continued..............

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