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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finding a vet, Part II- Success!

So the fourth phone call was to a place called Morningside Animal Hospital. By then my kitty was on another blast of inhaler and I didn't want to have to keep doing that every day without knowing if it was ok........ I despared of anyone seeing him.....

I called up Morningside and talked to a really pleasant girl. Asked her office visit price, she gave that willingly. Told her the situation, told her no other vets would see him without demanding tons of tests, all I wanted was a chest xray for now, and he was getting worse..... she asked me the symptoms and asked me to hold. Shortly thereafter she came back on and said sure, bring him in on Monday. She gave me the price for the chest xray without hesitation when I asked too.


Fast forward to Monday. He had been really bad that of course it figures when I put him in the carrier he suddenly had no issues. Off we go! The people at the vet were just as pleasant in person as they were on the phone. We were shown to a room within a few minutes, where they weighed him (11.1 lbs!) and then told me I could let him roam around the room while waiting for the vet.

I found out that the kitty condo was a huge hit and next thing you see of the kitty is just a pair of yellow eyes staring out of a hole. We didn't wait long, maybe 5-10 minutes. I told the vet (Dr. Gimble) about the situation and what I had tried... he listened to me without interrupting or making me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about. After taking his temp and listening to Rudy's lungs, Dr. Gimble agree it was probably asthma. Gave me the choice of what tests I wanted to do to confirm, I chose to go ahead and just try the asthma shot (same one the online vet had mentioned) since I was positive that was the issue. Dr. Gimble answered all of my questions and didn't seem like he was trying to rush me out. Turns out one of his own cats has asthma that's maintained by 2-3 times a year shots too.

A vet I like finally! Rudy of course didn't make a huff or puff the whole time, but the vet told me that's normal due to the excitement. So, Rudy got a shot given by a really friendly nurse and we went home with the good flea treatment (and they were cheaper than!!) and a visit/shot bill.

I can't recommend Morningside Animal Hospital enough. Friendly staff, didn't rush me, listened to my concerns, handled Rudy well, and very reasonable prices.

As for Rudy, so far......three days now and Rudy only hacked once (and that was right after he went home). He didn't eat much the first night, just slept-but as bad as the attacks had been he had to be worn out. Now he's pigging out and his normal self. And as for the inhaler I had puffed by him.......turns out it's the same meds that step two will be if the shot doesn't stay working! Am keeping everyone's fingers and paws crossed that this will work.

So if anyone in Port St. Lucie area has been avoiding the vet for fear of sneak charges or is tired of vets only worried about the bottom line and not the animals....I highly recommend you go to Morningside Animal Hospital. Like I said, first vet in a very long time I've been completely happy with!

Next up.......the dog gets to go in so we can get her the good flea stuff too :).

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