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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Turning a blah picture into something more unusual

Sometimes a picture that looked great in your head doesn't come out as brilliant as you wanted. I thought the bright sun and blue sky would make a great background for these boats at the dockside of a local waterfront hotel. When I had a change to look at the picture, it was..........a picture of boats against a normal sky.


So I tried changing it to black and white.

So now I had a black and white.......picture of boats under a flat grey sky.

Out of desperation, I tried adding a gradient filter.....After messing around with the hue controls, I came up with this yellow and pink gradient and NOW I had a fun picture of a Florida scene!

So don't be afraid to mess with the hue and add filters to a picture that just doesn't have the "pop" you were looking for!

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