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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photography-On replacing cameras


One question people ask me a lot is "What camera do you use?".

Well, I currently use a Canon Rebel XTi, which is about 5 years old.
I actually have two of them, and I have a telephoto 70-200mm lens on the second
(the first has the stock lens). That's an easy question!

Some people will then ask "Don't you want one of the new cameras? Yours is OLD!".

I have to laugh at that. Yes, it is one of the older models, and I have thought about
replacing it. Then I remember a college black and white photography class I was taking
and I had no camera. A friend gave me a 25 year old Sears camera they had gotten at
a garage sale. Nothing fancy, but it did have a light meter and that was the only
requirement of the course. This was back in the film days and the days of carrying
10 lenses around. I took just as good pictures with that old camera and lens than the people who
had gone out and spent $500 on a new camera. Of course, all of those are "outdated" now
due to digital......

So old doesn't mean "needs replacing". It's not always the camera, as long as it has enough
MP to allow you to crop/enlarge as far as you need. Mine have 10mp and so far that's been
plenty of leeway for me! If you're thinking of replacing your "old" camera, consider if perhaps
a new lens would be a better way to spend money. Unless your camera's memory card is not longer used,
keep it!

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